Vista De Bahia. Pretty houses in Consolacion.

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Region: Cebu
Municipality: Consolacion
Barangay: Tayud
Zip: 6001
Land Size: 120 m2
Location: Tayud, Consolacion

A community that surrounds itself with nature. The natural landscape inspired the developers to create homes for families that will make them feel that they are one with environment.

Vista De Bahia provides its residents the home they need as residents can enjoy the natural reserve of the property with its premier amenities that provides each family a relaxed living


Club House
Swimming Pool
Mini Fish Prort
Spacius Subdivision

4 hectares with 112 total units

Unit Model to Sell

Model: Mishael

Lot Area: 120sqm
Floor Area: 60sqm
1 BR
1 Master's Bedroom
1 Toilet and Bath

Price: 3.8M- 4M

Sample computation:

Total Selling Price: Php3,880,200.00
Reservation: Php50,000.00

Downpayment: Php726,040.00 (20%)

12 monthly dp(20%): Php60,503.33
24 monthly dp(20%): Php30,251.67

80% Bank Financing: Php3,104,160.00

10 years: Php39,743.41
15 years: Php31,947.78

Downpayment: Php338,020.00(10%)

12 monthly dp(10%): Php28,168.33

90% Bank Financing: Php3,492,180.00

10 years: Php44,711.33
15 years: Php35,941.25

Model: Azariah

Lot Area: 120 sqm
Floor Area: 93sqm

3 BR
2 Toilet & Bath
1 Master's Bedroom with T&B

Price: 4.8M - 5M

Sample computation:

Total Selling Price: Php5,145,600.00
Reservation: Php50,000.00

Downpayment: Php979,120.00(20%)

12 monthly dp(20%): Php81,593.33
24 monthly dp(20%): Php40,796.67

80% Bank Financing: Php4,116,480.00

10 years: Php52,704.41
15 years: Php42,366.49

Downpayment: Php464,560.00(10%)

12 monthly dp(10%): Php38,713.33

90% Bank Financing: Php4,631,040.00

10 years: Php59,292.47
15 years: Php47,662.31

Model Hanaiah
Lot Area: 130sqm
Floor Area 106sqm
3 BR
2 T&B
1 Master's BR with T&B
Price: 6.1m - 6.3m

Sample computation:

Total Selling Price: Php6,130,600.00
Reservation: Php50,000.00

Downpayment: Php1,176,120.00(20%)

12 monthly dp(20%): Php98,010.00
24 monthly dp(20%): Php49,005.00

80% Bank Financing: Php4,904,480.00

10 years: Php62,793.39
15 years: Php50,476.53

Downpayment: Php563,060.00(10%)

12 monthly dp(10%): Php46,921.67

90% Bank Financing: Php5,517,540.00

10 years: Php70,642.57
15 years: Php56,786.10

Model: Daniel

Lot Area: 150sqm
Floor Area: 135sqm
4 BR
3 Toilet and Bath
1 Master's BR with T&B

Price: 7.4M - 10.2M

Sample computation:

Total Selling Price: Php10,292,800
Reservation: Php50,000.00

Downpayment: Php2,008,560.00(20%)

12 monthly dp(20%): Php167,380.00
24 monthly dp(20%): Php83,690.00

80% Bank Financing: Php8,234,240.00

10 years: Php105,425.22
15 years: Php84,746.16

Downpayment: Php979,280.00(10%)

12 monthly dp(10%): Php81,606.67

90% Bank Financing: Php9,263,520.00

10 years: Php118,603.37
15 years: Php95,339.43

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